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Consulate of Nepal, Manila, Philippines


Tourist Visa could be obtained upon arrival (Nepal Airport) or could be applied at the Consulate of Nepal, Manila upon completion of the requirements as detailed below:

Tourist Visa Application

  1. Fill-up 2 application forms which you can also download at this website; Tourist Visa Application Form
  2. Attached (glue/paste) 2 photos (size 2×2)
  3. Valid passport should be more than six months
  4. Return air ticket or outward bound destination should be presented at the consulate;
  5. Letter of invitation, guarantee letter or sponsor-host who must be a Nepali with a residence in Nepal duly authenticated by the Consulate General of the Philippines in Kathmandu;
  6. Fees are as follows:
    6.1 US Dollar Thirty ($35) for fifteen (15) days
    6.2 US Dollar Sixty($60) for thirty (30) days
    6.3 US Dollar One hundred and forty-five ($145) for ninety (90) days


7. Processing time is 7 days;
7.1 Working days from Monday to Friday
7.2 Time of filing and releasing only from 1:30pm to 4:00pm only.

1. For your kind information, in case you may want to stay longer than the visa issued to you, extension can be applied at Nepal immigration office;

For further inquiries, contact person Ms. Evelyn Agon
Tel. nos. (+63) 920-946-9651

Please be guided accordingly.

Visa on Arrival

Fees are as follows:

  • 15 days = US$ 35.00
  • 30 days = US$ 60.00
  • 90 days = US$ 145.00
  1. Passport at least 6 months valid on entry (carry 1 photocopy of your passport);
  2. Bring 1 35mm X 45mm passport sized photograph;
  3. Return ticket or a ticket for onward journey;
  4. Application form (there are applications forms which you can find at stands in lounges at Nepal airport).
  5. Please do note that visa on arrival policy depending on your purpose of visit (i.e. working, voluntary job) will decide whether you need to visit an embassy or not;
  6. Many of the above non-tourist visas have additional requirements that must be met. Kindly consult with Nepalese Ministry of Immigration for further information.

For women travelling alone, please reminded that Manila Airport Immigration has very strict rules concerning potential human trafficking. To facilitate departures by the Bureau of Immigration the following are required:

  1. Purpose of travel must be legitimate i.e. mainly tourist, on holidays, or upon invitation of a Nepal resident who will host/sponsor the traveler;
  2. An invitation and guarantee letter, by the sponsor-host who must be a Nepali with a residence in Nepal duly authenticated by the Consulate General of the Philippines in Kathmandu; or,
  3. Confirmed reservation of a hotel accommodation or by a travel agency confirmed booking with a valid tour operator in Nepal.


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